Skills taught

The following is a short list of the material I feel comfortable teaching.

If you want to learn something outside of this, let me know. I probably know someone who can take you where you want to go.

1. Basic qi gong for health
2. Taoist micro/macrocosmic orbit training that results in kunadlini awakening
3. Fah jing training for martial arts
4. Buddhist Diamond Palm/Emei medicine training from the Emei Sudden Enlightenment School
5. Taoist disolving/Buddhist release methods
6. Bone Marrow/Tendon Changing work
7. Beginners work from the Franz Bardon school of Hermetics
8. Treatment and corrective work for meditatively induced illness
9. Treatment and corrective work for PTSD and related stress induced issues

My job is to make you better at whatever you do. Give me a call and we can figure something out.

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