Training packages and costs

While I frequently advise people to train with specialists that are better than me, I do offer one on one training as well as group instruction.

Things that I frequently teach are:

1. Lifetime health program: you can do this for life and always get something out of it, good for any age group (especially for the elderly). Requires a weekend long session (Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday).

This includes instruction in – basic vitality energy training, basic fasciae training, Buddhist release techniques for physical/emotional/mental health, and Heavy Hands walking.

2. Sports/Strength training program: enhances whole body integration, improves recovery from intense workouts and is designed for athletes/sportsmen ages 18-60. Requires a weekend long session (Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday).

This includes training in – basic vitality energy training, fasciae training, traditional barbell training, and elemental training for running and explosive strength

3. Emotional generation training for actors: allows you to generate any emotional state you desire at will to really nail auditions.

This includes instruction in – basic vitality training, Buddhist release techniques for physical/emotional/mental health, the 120 personal emotions and an introduction to the Ars Memoria techniques. Requires a weekend long session (Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday).

3. Theurgy: results in giving you access to states of consciousness that extend beyond emotion, energy, sensation, space, and time. This is a multi-session program requiring 3-4 weekend long sessions over a period of about a year.

This includes instruction in – training in the eleven primary energies, fasciae training through the elemental level, Buddhist release techniques, the 160 personal emotions, sense gate exercises and an end stage meditation combining all eleven energies to project out of the body eventually achieving unification with the states of consciousness mentioned above.

4. Help with PTSD: I’ve been there, done that and fixed it. Anger at the child you never wanted, watching a man die in a car wreck or warfare is all doable. Two approaches exist. One allows you to solve your own problem and the other involves a very painful form of acupressure therapy. I prefer the first as it empowers you to solve your own problems. For the first, training is free if you come to me. Although you will need to pay for your own travel and accommodation. For the second, I will refund the treatment cost if it is ineffective although you will need to pay for my accommodation and travel costs if I come to you regardless.

5. The Works of Franz Bardon: I can teach the material out of his first book Initiation Into Hermetics. This will require multiple sessions over a period of 12-18 months. Basically, I teach you a chapter, you  go practice the material and come back when you are ready for more. Cost will vary depending upon what you have already learned to an adequate level. If you have the time, I strongly recommend going to Thailand to train with Mark Rasmus as he can teach the first book in approximately one month’s time. His link is included on my front page of this website.


Weekend long courses start at $1000 USD per person plus accommodation/travel. I will teach a group of up to 12 for $10000 USD.

Video Skype is available as well. These sessions are $1000/hr.

Generally speaking, I only work with people who are at least 18 years of age for liability reasons. I generally do not work with children unless their parents provide a compelling reason to do so.

If you have substance abuse problems beyond alcohol and tobacco, you need to get those under control for at least six months before I can provide training. I am not an addiction counselor/therapist and have no intention to become certified in this regard.

Likewise, if you are currently on medication for bi-polar conditions, depression, or schizophrenia you will need clearance from a physician before I can provide you any training.

2 responses to “Training packages and costs

  1. Dear Sir

    I practice dzogchen but have an interest in theurgy. would you recommended that course over Franz Bardon? I have always wanted to practice theurgy (it is what led me to Bardon all those years ago) because I wanted to gain access to elemental and planetary spheres. I gave up because I was young and really had no idea what I was doing with his system but after all these years the desire is still there for theurgy even though my actual practice now is tantric buddhist. Which would you recommend? To what level do you teach IIH?



    • Nat,

      I teach theurgy from the perspective of Franz Bardon.

      I can teach all of the material from his first book. The second book you basically work out on your own after having finished the first book.

      The third book I am about half way through and should be able to teach in roughly another year, although you must have finished the first book to at least level eight to work on.

      Send me an email and we can discuss this further.




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