Motorcycles, jujitsu, weightlifting and, oddly, ballerinas….

A few different activities tend to make the rounds of serious practitioners as past times. Although, unlike hobbies for non-practitioners, these are not escapes from day to day existence, but rather used as training opportunities that reinforce specific parts of practice.

Some of the most common include riding motorcycles, jujitsu and weightlifting among men. Another similarity amongst female practitioners is the common background of professional level training in ballet. I’ve seen the latter often enough as to almost expect it at this point if dealing with a Western educated female practitioner, although those with an Asian background usually have a serious traditional martial arts history instead.

Why these activities?

Riding motorcycles requires a high level of focus while maintaining a wide mental space from a control standpoint and being very engaged with vital, and astral, energy from a balance and flow standpoint. It simply provides high quality training that offers immediate feedback if the rider loses focus. Techniques such as “mind like a sphere defeats all fear” (i.e. working with metal energy) are commonly combined with vital breathing while riding. This tends to rapidly generate a flow state that is quite profound. FYI, never generate Akasha while on a bike, it makes it very difficult for untrained people to see you.

Jujitsu allows for training of the will at a very high level with a relatively low risk of serious injury. Simply put, a man can go 90-95% all out without trying to actively kill his training partner. This generates a large amount of mental energy, reinforces internal fire and generally beats the beta male out anyone who goes the distance in earning a blue belt. FWIW, going hard magnetic while practicing jujitsu really confuses the hell out of conventional practitioners and can be great fun.

Classical barbell training, or better yet Olympic weightlifting, is a fantastic form of fasciae training available to almost everyone. Note, I didn’t say bodybuilding here. Training fasciae in this manner greatly increases vital force and the throughput of all of the other energies.

It increases androgen levels, which are very closely associated with elemental fire, trains the will and being stronger changes a man in ways that are hard to describe. When a man goes from being weak to strong you find out who he really is. And on another note, no advantage exists to being weak.

Finally, it is possible to triple a man’s strength in as little as four to six months, which by itself is essentially a superpower. Interestingly, the increase in relative strength, seems to work for both women, and men, at any age. Although obviously starting earlier in life tends to result in higher absolute strength. At 80 years of age, it will keep you out of the wheelchair and the nursing home. It is a good investment of 90 minutes three times per week.

Ballet training for women seems to impart a kind of martial effect that is fairly sex specific. It trains the will, builds incredible fascial strength, imparts discipline and teaches women to master their emotions in a method that is specific to their gender. As an end product, I’ve often seen women who went the distance in this training develop a uniquely feminine form of aggression that is martial/Martian in nature. Curious and well worth exploring for the right lady. I’ve had more than one teacher tell me women can only be taught by other women, in this context it appears to be true.

One response to “Motorcycles, jujitsu, weightlifting and, oddly, ballerinas….

  1. Definitely true about ballerinas in my experience. Glad to see you’re posting again. Any update on your book?


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