Excerpt for Upcoming Book: Initial Experiences with the Kabbalah

Here is a same chapter from my upcoming book to be release in August on Kindle…

Chapter 23: The Letter U

The letter U – black velvet, 4/B “ooooo” as in the wind blowing, an all penetrating sensation, solar plexus centered, the pancreas

Akasha: Comprehension of Akasha

Mental: Intuition and Inspiration

Astral: Transfer of Consciousness

Physical/Material: Akasha

1st session: 9 Akashic, 73 Mental, 411 Astral recitations

Author’s Note: Bardon’s secretary made a series of small mistakes when constructing his third book from the notes he left behind. Of the most glaring, all involve the letter U. First, the letter U is to be practiced last after the other letters. This is of particular importance if you are practicing the 108 recitations daily of all the letters at all four levels of existence.

Without practicing the letter U last, the series fails to “lock in” properly in the body and the energy ends up leeching out in unpredictable ways.

Only approach the letter U using mental energy via the mental body. The letter is dangerous in a unique manner. It purifies the matrix of the body that touches it by shattering that body and reconstructing it. If you make contact directly with your astral body, you will most likely die. As my teacher once said, first you make contact with the mental body and then “whisper into the astral or physical.”

Also, keep in mind that long term practice with any of the Akashic letters at the solar plexus level robs you of desire and you end up caring about nothing. I have been told that long term practice at the level of the crown above the head generally transforms a practitioner into a saint over the long term. Read the New Testament for an appreciation of what this means in reality versus theory.

Finally, you must never bring others, particularly the untrained, into contact with this energy. At a base level, it activates karma strongly and generally drives others violently insane. In short, don’t be an asshole with this or you will pay for it.

1st session –
In the distance, I see a dark silvery metal spire for a tower. Very little background detail exists in this place. The guardian is likewise difficult to see and I feel as if arriving here involved passage through some kind of barrier. Perhaps my concentration is weak today.
A definite relationship with Saturn is felt. I, once again, relive my prior bad acts. Frankly, this would have been disturbing had I not already dealt with it. As it was, it was largely annoying and a little depressing.

The guardian goes on to show me a few different ways to dissolve the matrices for projection purposes. Some also aid with insomnia or remaining awake for long periods of time. Interesting. He encourages me specifically to work more with astral projection. He says it in the context of “you never know when you will need to die.”

He discusses the role of karma, ether and organ storage.

The vibratory nature of this energy is slightly different than the purple Akasha I normally work with. Something about this requires the use of posture to build strength. I wonder how this can be practiced safely. Something about explosive moves/movement is mentioned as well. The role of the pancreas and nearly always fatal illness now makes sense.

I end the meditation and return to my body.

2nd session – I performed this session under the guidance of my Hermetics instructor. He was somewhat reluctant to teach me this. He had repeatedly warned me that much of the material we were covering of late he had not touched in the better part of 25 years and that while he could clearly show me the basics, that the evolution of the material would be up to my own efforts. The disturbing nature of what happened next was probably part of his reluctance.

I come crashing out of the Akasha into this silvery black material. It switches from a matte black to a shiny gloss as I go forward. I run into a wall of this material and blast though it.

The hole closes behind me and I find myself in a place that can only be described as the “space between the walls” of reality. This is a storage yard for horrors. Ungodly destructive beings lie here waiting. They are sectioned off from the rest of reality in this place almost as a kind of prison, but knowing that at some point they will be released back into the phenomenal world to fulfill specific purposes before being put into cold storage again.

I cannot describe in detail what resides here. How does a three dimensional mind describe a four dimensional object that has sentience, but is not living? What is the meaning of a thing that screams with a desire to consume passion and spew destruction mindlessly? Thankfully my time in this place is short. I punch through another wall in this world and wind up in what can only be described as the center of a black hole.
I once again relive my negative acts from the perspective of those on the receiving end. However, this time I also relive my benevolent ones as well. And I become aware of something else important having occurred.

As I passed through the second wall, my mental matrix was shattered and reformed. In the process all of those ideas, concepts and desires programmed into me during life by others were removed. I have never been so free. The after effects from this over a year later still reverberate through my life. I would not say this is the same as being born again, so much as being unencumbered by the restraints of others. A psychopathic individual experiencing this would become bereft of any limitations on their behavior.

A great deal of information is imparted here regarding the relationship between the elements and emptiness. Much of what I see makes no sense. Clearly this is an energy that will need to be revisited many times to begin to understand how it is to be employed.

One thing does come through though. Practice this letter last when working with all of the others to strip any aberrant programming from your mental matrix.
I end the meditation and return to my body.

Practice advice on the letter U
U is the last letter and should be practiced last if practicing with more than one letter. It is the mechanism of karma. Through inspiration from this letter a practitioner sees the causation of things. It shows how the elements are regulated by emptiness. At the level of the Akashic/etheric body it allows a practitioner to see how energy appears and disappears out of the emptiness.
At the tetrapolar level it shows the relationship between Akasha and the four elements. At the quadrapolar level it shows the relationship between electromagnetics and the elements. In particular, it displays how the electromagnetic energy interacts with form.
It also shows how intellect modifies function at the highest form of Akasha.

The letter U is literally beyond creation and must only be approached using the mental body. Possession of a physical body provides a method to escape this letter as it has a pull, or gravity, that will reattach a reformed mental body to the astral and physical. In the Tarot, this is represented by the universe card and brings both karma and death.

While this brings an understanding of karma and what can only be termed hell, exposure of others to this is prohibited. Exposing the untrained activates their karma strongly, and if performed on a group generally results in people going crazy and killing each other. As a direct representation of primordial chaos, it defeats stasis directly.

Few are properly equipped to render this judgement correctly and as such should avoid doing this as they will be directly responsible for a misapplication of Akasha at this level. Also, the risk of backlash, or rebounding, of the letter when used in this manner is high.



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