Evocation, Planetary magic and Bardon’s Kabbalah: Why do it and what do you get?

You get ahold of Initiation into Hermetics and you either gut your way thru it alone or with a little help.

Then being a little put off by some of the spirit descriptions in The Practice of Magical Evocation you skip right ahead to The Keys to the True Kabbalah and surprise, surprise it works as advertised.

So why bother with the second book and the associated issues with spirit possession and all the other crap?

First things first.

Both the second, and third, book really don’t have anything to do with enlightenment. If you are interested in that, learn how to generate non-dual light as described in the first book and that is really all you need.

The last two books are about knowledge and power.

Notice, I didn’t say wisdom. That is more about implementation and, with all of the pitfalls in the later books, no guarantee of becoming wiser can be included.

The knowledge, and power, gained from completing the last two books can certainly inform the enlightenment process, but they don’t really have anything to do with it directly.

So again, why get involved with the second book at all?

The practice of physically evoking the beings in the second book does a couple of things. For one, it really hones your skills from the first book. Second, the pure vital energy required to pull this off, while draining, amps up the stress-adaptation aspect of your energy work and makes you a lot stronger. Finally, it turns out physically manifesting the effects of the Kabbalistic letters has a lot in common with physically manifesting one of the spirit beings in Bardon’s second book.


Here’s the thing…it turns out synchronizing the matrices of the three levels of existence (mental, astral and physical) in such a way that energy pours in from the top down into the physical so that a letter’s effects physically manifest is really hard to explain. So hard that Bardon, and everyone else, doesn’t even bother to try.

By practicing a couple of hundred physical evocations, assuming your clair- skills (clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience) are up to speed, you can watch the various spirit beings you are summoning do this often enough that you can figure it out.

This only applies to letters that are being physically manifested externally to a practitioner. If you are attempting to only manifest a letter internally to yourself, you really don’t need to do this.

By repeatedly brining the energy down into the astral, your body will figure the process out and discharge it as a kind of reverse volt into the physical. But this won’t allow you to do it externally to yourself.

The other advantage to working with the planetary energies is the development of immunity to their influences. At a very base level this results in a worthwhile stabilization of your psyche and emotional bodies.

A basic level of immunity can be achieved with exposure to about ten hours of each planetary energy, although mastery of a given energy can take up to 100 hours.

If you want to perform physical evocation, or generate a physical effect from one of the letters, you should aim for the 100 hour mark, at least, from each of the planetary energies.

The next article will deal with the various issues associated with spheric, or planetary, practice. And plenty exist…







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