Kabbalistic Letter Practice continued…

As described earlier, when the built up energy in the astral body discharges into the physical the effects are not subtle.

One friend described balls of light periodically exploding around his body that onlookers could see. Another associate mentioned something that resembled a lighting bolt striking him from an otherwise clear sky and throwing him several feet. All of which was verified by non-trained people nearby.

Particularly with the first few buildups of this kind of force things will manifest in an uncontrolled manner. After awhile, these kinds of phenomena stop happening.

One additional practice needs mentioning, along with an elaboration of an issue with a specific letter.

Elemental balance when working with the individual letters becomes important.

To a degree, imbalance is hard to avoid when seriously investigating an individual letter. The risks both physically and mentally are not inconsequential.

Excessive fire can lead to visual hallucinations, palpitations and psychotic violence.

Excessive air can cause audible hallucinations (i.e. hearing voices) and asthma attacks.

Excessive water can cause empathy so bad that you can’t leave the house and difficulty breathing.

Excessive earth can cause a kind of paralysis and an inability to get anything done/complete loss of motivation.

An under-emphasized exercise from the third book solves this. The exercise where you chant all 27 letters in order in their four forms to each of their respective organs provides a kind of balance to the energies involved that is very helpful. Just remember to vibrate the letters through the fasciae tissue while you do this. Also, not all of the organ associations are correct, you are going to need to figure this out on your own. A complete recitation of 108 (4 times with each letter for once to the Akasha, once to the mental, etc.) should take about 15 minutes.

Doing this once, or twice a day, aids in creating a kind of heightened equilibrium that is also useful.

Finally, when doing this end with the letter U. I am unsure why the student who put together Bardon’s third book failed to mention this, but it is an important error in an otherwise decent text.

U is the final letter in the system and is related to death and the planetary energies of Saturn in their most undiluted form.

I will add one final warning, and this is important, DO NOT ALLOW YOUR ASTRAL BODY TO CONTACT THIS ENERGY. It will most probably kill you.

When you make initial contact with the letter U it shatters your mental body and restructures it. This has a purifying effect that removes operant conditioning placed there by others. While uncomfortable, this is valuable. If you do this with your astral body, the energetic backlash is fatal to your physical body. Don’t do this.




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