Earth Energy

Earth energy: Earth energy is associated with the body from the hips to the feet, manifests in a bright golden color, feels both heavy and still, and is associated with the sound of “ahhh.”

Earth energy, like air energy, is not a true element and rather the combination of all of the other three elements. It is also related to consciousness, the physical body and when properly manifested can be projected into as the earth realm.

As with all of the elemental phenomena it can be manifested both within and outside of the human body. If being used to establish equilibrium within the body, it is contained within the area body from the hips to the feet. It also changes characteristics depending upon the level at which it is manifested. On the physical level it manifests as the sensation of heaviness and/or gravity, on the astral level as golden, condensing force that improves subtle taste and/or smell and on a mental level as consciousness. Working with earth energy on the physical level greatly reinforces the ability to absorb large amounts of blunt force trauma and can result in melancholy and obesity, if done in an imbalanced manner.

Manifestation depends upon the method in which the “ahhh” sound is generated. On a physical level the sound is vocalized loudly via a vibrating sound that can be felt throughout the body. On an astral level it is vocalized softly in almost a whisper and, finally, on a mental level the sound is generated silently in the mind.

The king set meditation for this phenomena involves a kind of astral projection into what can only be described as the earth realm. While methods vary, a common description involves the building of a substantial amount of the phenomena within the body. The practitioner will engage the “ahhh” sound and visualize projecting deep into the earth sometimes towards a cave. Some systems utilize a specific hand gesture/mudra or body posture as well. At this point a specific secondary phenomena engages confirming success. Many people report meeting earth elementals while doing this. As such, this can be a very destabilizing, and somewhat dangerous, experience for the unprepared.

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