Power Generation Method #3: Void Awakening

Void awakening – this focuses on the throat and is the most uncommon of the four. Primarily seen in some Taoist schools and as a subset of Vajrayana Buddhist practice. Hermetic practitioners view this as the power of Daath, Binah and is associated with the planetary energy of Saturn. Void awakening originated from a series of cave meditations.

The first time I met someone who had this was my Taoist teacher. She had me put my hands up to practice fahjing and when she hit me I felt an electric arc surge down my arms, up my back and strike me between the eyes. I was out almost immediately. The sensation was somewhat electric in origin.

In theory void awakening gives a practitioner access to the power of Akashic/etheric energy as depicted in the thin purple line of energy at the edge of a tantric practitioner’s aura in classical Buddhist paintings. In practice, things get weird fast.

Traditionally practice of this form starts with a series of fasciae stretching exercises that greatly aid the movement of energy throughout the body. This normally takes about an hour.

Then the practitioner places themselves in a tightly enclosed space with dense walls. Caves work pretty well for this and a modern walk in closet makes a good substitute. Next you begin to hold a series of standing postures for 30 minutes to an hour.

As you do this the energy begins to move out of your body, into the room, and bounce around stronger and stronger. At a certain point your conscious mind shuts down and your spirit projects out of your body. Unlike the various schools of astral projection, this is not a subtle sensation, and it feels like you are riding the head of a rocket. Learning about the various supernal realms can give you some direction as to where you want to go with practice, which is helpful as there are both nice and not so nice places out there.

The catch is, this practice also draws some of the non-physical entities to you and is related to shamanistic practice for that reason. Your ability to banish should be well developed before starting this system or you might end up with some unfriendly house guests. Needless to say all of this can be very mentally unhinging for the unprepared.

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